The Vendors Circle

You love what you do.

You just need to find more brides who will see the value in what you do,
so you can bring their vision to life for their best day ever.


What's better than being in an industry where it's your actual job to celebrate all the time AND get paid for it?!?

Only one thing: attracting your perfect clients, who come to you consistently, ready to book!

The Vendors Circle
monthly coaching group
is exactly where you're supposed to be.



You have a wedding business, right?!?!

You want it to be booked to "sold out" without all the work, and even gaining some freedom would be nice, that's why you started this business, right?!?!

You're tired of chasing clients and waiting for quality leads.

You want balance in your life! Your family is important, and so is your business!

You want couples coming to you in a way your competition doesn't know about, so you can stay far ahead of them.

You want to get answers to your questions from someone who actually knows what they are talking about and who leads with ethics and integrity, and a true heart to help both wedding vendors, and brides. (Refreshing, right?)

Someone who legit has had the same struggles as you, but invested years and decades figuring out the right and wrong so you can go straight to being wildly successful without losing that precious time.

You only want to invest in marketing that you will use and can implement easily and quickly, and is actually fun.

This is why we created this group.

You can go at your own pace where the information is always here for you.

No pressure, and lots of genuine encouragement.

You want to position you and your business so fellow wedding vendors AND couples take you seriously. You deserve their respect, support, and connections.

We got you! Let's do this!

Say yes to growing your business together with the BEST community ever, today!

We're waiting for you inside our exclusive VIP group!

Imagine getting help with your every day problems.

This leads to progress and results because you’re always unstuck.

Your frustrations and struggles are worked through in quick and actionable ways to get you moving and in front of the couples who need and appreciate you.

Join The Waitlist

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What you'll get:

  • Monthly strategy sessions around hot topics.
  • Monthly Q&A session in our private group
  • Member Spotlights for you to show us your business, as well as hear what other members are doing in their business.
  • Monthly actionable steps and the time to implement them.
  • Access to all past trainings.
  • Fun surprises along the way.
  • NEW! Weekly members only exclusive podcast style trainings that are easy to consume, and not available to anyone else.


What you'll get:

  • Everything in the Monthly option PLUS...
  • "First Dibs" at Membership Spotlights for you to spotlight your business.
  • BONUS! A "hard copy" of The Entrepreneur Planner mailed to you. It's an awesome tool for keeping you and your social media organized.
  • SAVE even more! You get two months free when signing up for annual.


  • A private Facebook Group to post questions and your wins, because we want to hear about all your success! This group is the absolute BEST, most encouraging, welcoming, supportive, group of vendors ever! 

    It's also where most of our past trainings are... and great news, they're all around 30 minutes or less!
  • Content for your social media! What to post and when to post it. Learn to schedule it consistently so you're free to do other things.
  • ONE OF MY FAVORITE FEATURES! The membership is in an app that is easily accessible on the run. It's one of the first steps you'll get after your welcome into the group!
  • Surprise bonuses AND EVEN PACKAGES IN THE MAIL!!!
  • The Networking Challenge for Wedding Pros is available here for you to revisit any time.
  • The Wedding Show Game Plan is inside the membership and app too! We have the space to dive even deeper inside the membership!
  • A featured listing for your business on our vendor directory!

My full-time favorite thing to do is serve you well and get you the results you need to create the business you dream about.

Let's do this!

Cassie B.
Storybook Moments Photography

Ohhh I'm so glad I signed up for The Vendors Circle. I just couldn't wait. I've gotten so much just out of these first few days I know it's worth it!

Trenda S.
Events Extraordinaire Colorado

I'm so excited I'm really building a lot of relationships with other preferred vendors and getting on their lists! I've been meaning to do it but didn't know how to implement it, just needed this push in the right direction.

Candy H.
Created by Candy/Faux Floral Stylist

I'm here to learn and connect with the wedding industry. I appreciate the opportunity. Thanks Michelle for putting this together!

You're almost there!

You're about to have a creative and organic marketing system in place so you can book your ideal client year round, have a full calendar without the seasonal gaps, AND still allow yourself freedom because you’re so efficient with your time and systems.

You'll get to experience being booked and having freedom at the same time.

Can YOU fill your calendar
have a balance in your life and business?

Absolutely YES!

It's not just your dream,
you're ready to make it your reality.

I'm here for you.

We have very high value Strategy Sessions, available to you on demand.

All kinds of relevant topics on attracting your ideal clients and having your ideal business that you run instead of it running you.

You will NOT need to invest in advertising or expensive directories.

Your calendar will be filled with your ideal couples who are ready to book because they know how important it is to work with high quality vendors for their wedding.

We're always open to adding in more topics based on your needs, we do it all the time!

  • The Preferred Vendor List
  • Your Vendor List System
  • Year Round Revenue
  • Your Online Presence 
  • Your Referral System
  • Systems to Save Money & Time
  • Collaborating
  • Social Media Content Planning
  • Mindset
  • Email List Building
  • Branding
  • Efficiency
  • SEO Simplified
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Year Round Revenue
  • Pricing
  • Building Your Team

Nicole B.

“You bend over backwards to ensure that our needs are met. You all are so very talented, friendly, and just overall you make things easier. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate you. I don't have to stress because you always come through!! I love you! Thank you for everything!”

I literally can't wait for you to join us in The Vendors Circle.

I was put on this planet to serve. I don't super love selling. I love serving. Just like most creatives here in the wedding industry, maybe even just like you.

BUT, I know I can't serve you to the fullest extent of what you need without offering you something next level. And I know you're ready for it.

I created this membership when I learned from my wedding business consulting clients how difficult it really is for them to navigate through marketing, especially the way everything moves so fast now.

I've had large events businesses for two decades, including full service venues.

I've always had a knack for connecting with other wedding and event professionals, and also with couples.

I do this without realizing it, because I really have a passion for the success of my wedding pro friends, and for my couples' best day ever.

Has owing a business always been easy? Of course not. Have we learned a lot along the way? Absolutely. Am I willing to share my heart and soul and help you skip years and years of the struggles we had to navigate on our own? That's what I was born to do.

Because The Vendors Circle is an exclusive community, there are things I can reveal to you that I can't anywhere else.

You're invested and so am I, and that changes things for the better.

You get insider scoop that your competitors don't even know they need, and if they do, they don't know the secrets.

I want only the most top notch of success and results for you. The online space is such a gift for making connections, and I'm so grateful to have connected with you.

I can't wait to see where this ride takes you, and it is my true honor to be on this journey with you.

I can't wait to hear and share all of your success stories.

Here's to turning the wedding industry on its head together, and to being the best unicorns it has ever seen!


PS (you knew I would have a PS didn't you... it's kind of my thing... I just can't let it go...) I want you to feel safe in your investment, you can cancel any time.