September 29, 2022 

Let's Book Clients.

Episode 147: Tiffany Bastian's Reviews Tips, She Turns Coffee Into Tax Returns!


All you need is one good review to start creating social proof so you can book clients.


It’s so true and so worth it when those shining reviews start rolling in.


I have a friend who asked about giving gratuities recently, and knowing how fast things are changing in the business world, I took it as an opportunity to check in with my group, Let's Book Clients: The Community.


I asked what they’re seeing as typical gratuities.


I got all kinds of answers, I’ll address those in a future episode here, but there were a few repetitive ones that really resonated with me, and for my friend.


They basically said that no matter what the gratuity is, a review from their client is worth way more, and it’s so true.


Everyone who receives a gratuity appreciates it and is honored by it.


A review, is like a gratuity that keeps giving and giving by helping new bookings come in, and even come in kind of like a word of mouth type booking. It’s literally worth its weight in gold.


This is one of the reasons I created my guide, Let’s Get Reviews.


It’s a curated guide that has been contributed to by many leading entrepreneurs.


One of those leading entrepreneurs is my friend Tiffany Bastian.


Tiffany and I met in an online course we took together, actually about building and growing online courses.


We instantly connected and have stayed in touch.


When I started creating this guide I knew she had to be in it.


Here’s a little background and kind of an “about me” about Tiffany:


I love what she says here, it’s so true, “I love the idea that anything is possible, and every day is a new beginning.”


She has 15+ years of experience in the tax and accounting world. She holds an MBA in Accounting and is a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA). She founded Bastian Accounting by herself in March of 2013, and cannot believe how they have grown since then.


She prides herself on continuously improving, self-reflection and growth are the two most powerful tools we all have. She’s beyond motivated by watching their clients succeed and reach new levels. Client relationships are everything! ❤️️


I could not agree more!


Let’s get to her tips to get reviews.


1. Use a quick online form to ask your clients how they feel about the experience of working with you. 


It’s important to make it super easy for them.


They’re taking their valuable time to leave the review, making it as easy and fast as possible for them to do shows them how much you appreciate them.


2. Feature them. 


I love featuring my clients too.


When you ask them for a review, ask if you can feature them.


Everyone loves to be featured and is always happy to contribute to a feature.


It’s the least we can do when they give us a review, right?


Not only that, but it just amplifies the social proof that we need in our business so we can book even more amazing clients.


3. When you get a review, ask for a video.


Tiffany mentions that video is king. Video is a way to really kick that review up a notch, and also kicks featuring your client up a notch!


4. Once you have that glowing review and video testimonial, make sure you share it everywhere, you know, feature them!


Celebrate your people in all the places, they gave them a review and testimonial and you want to show them off for it. 


Hot tip: Share it everywhere, really brag them up, they deserve it!


Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing these amazing tips with us.


You’ll be getting Tiffany here on the podcast soon, be watching for her. Make sure you’re subscribed to alway get the updates.


Can I tell you something fun about Tiffany?


She’s not your typical accountant. 


She teaches accounting strategies online, she does accounting for you in her agency, and she’s hilarious.


Here’s an example, her profile photo on Facebook has her holding a coffee cup that says “I turn coffee into tax returns”. Funny, right?

Scroll down this page and you can see it for yourself.

Tiffany brings lots of resources with her, here are the links!

She also has a free Facebook Group: Financially Focused Photographers


Tiffany's Resources


FREE Business Expense Breakdown Guide for Photographers
FREE Resident State by State Sales Tax Guide for Photographers
FREE Destination State by State Sale Tax Guide for Photographers
FREE Photographer Tax-Time Checklist
FREE Business Structure Masterclass for Photographers



Master Your Bookkeeping with QBO For Photographers
Total Tax Transformation for Photographers Course


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Get the full version of Tiffany’s reviews tips, along with 20 other helpful strategies by leading entrepreneurs at www.letsgetreviews.com!


That’s a lot of goodies for you today, I can’t wait to see you on the next episode.


Thank you for being here where we learn, grow, and connect together!