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Kelly DeCesare
Copywriter Extraordinaire for Wedding Pros

From my first hello in the FB Wedding Vendors Community last fall, Michelle Braswell has truly changed the way I see myself as a mid-career adult looking to grow in purpose and impact, and as a business owner with her authentic interest, encouragement, loyalty, vision, wisdom, business savvy, and heart for connecting others.
Over the last two seasons. Michelle and I have collaborated on some projects and have communicated and shared ideas on a number of occasions. 
Each time, I have come away inspired, armed with new strategies to move ahead and sharpen the vision of my own business. 
Each time, I have also gained insight into her deep-rooted heart to serve others, and her vast, rich experience in the wedding industry as a business owner and online entrepreneur. 
Michelle is a true treasure in this industry. She knows the wedding business inside and out, she seeks opportunity to stay on the pulse of new trends, she genuinely loves people, and she brings incredible heart and value to each individual. Just scroll through any FB conversation thread, and you'll see her adding in this way each and every time! (That's how we met!!)

She's taught me how to show up for my audience and truly make a difference.
I can honestly say, I'm both a better person and a better business owner because of Michelle Braswell. I'm grateful to be part of her community, honored to call her friend, and excited to come alongside her in the journey ahead.

Nabia Mohiuddin

I met Michelle through a facebook page and let me tell you she's the sweetest person and she has a lot of information to share about wedding businesses.  Recently she spoke about how networking works and then she created a zoom networking get together which is an awesome idea.

If you are looking to get pro tips or growing your business Michelle is the person to go to. I can't thank her enough.


Lisa Strassburg
Have License Will Marry

Preferred vendor lists are where it's at! I get that some couples want recommendations from other couples, however, to have another professional vendor recommend you to someone is the best.

When I joined this group, there was a challenge that was just amazing. During the challenge, we learned a ton and got to work towards prizes which just made it that much more fun and easy to do.

From creating preferred vendor lists, to getting in the right mind set for a wedding vendor show, to creating lasting relationships with the wedding community. The challenge lasted a week or 3, I can't recall, but that is only because so much awesomeness came from that challenge.

I didn't win, but I DID actually win, because it built my preferred vendor list and without even knowing it, I was learning how to do my first wedding show that I was the sole Officiant invited to.

Had I not participated in this contest and met all these amazing people, I would not have been able to do as good of a job at the wedding show.

The group prepared me for this venture while I wasn't even paying attention. My growth has been incredible.

This group and the professionals in here are an absolutely amazing support system. The networking is fantastic, and I believe I am better at running my little Officiant side gig for all the phenomenal things I have learned in this awesome wedding vendors community.

I am honored to be a part of so many couples special days. This group is priceless. 


Timothy Bell
Timothy Bell Media Productions

One of the best things I have found to be the most helpful from Michelle from BridePath is the amazing community of wedding vendors and professionals that have been brought together by Michelle and her Company.

As a newer wedding vendor, it can be hard to find an outlet to get my name out there and network with other reputable Wedding Vendors; but Michelle, BridePath and the incredible Facebook Group have provided this outlet for me and my Company, Timothy Bell Media Productions.

This year was even worse than normal because of COVID-19 restrictions and the fact the Wedding business has come to almost a complete stop; but Groups like this one have made it possible to use this shutdown time to network with reputable Wedding Vendors and other Wedding Professionals during this time.

I highly recommend that if you are a Wedding Vendor or Professional that you join this Facebook Group and if you need additional help, you can join the BridePath Program and get your business off the ground or build up your business to a new level.


Pete Lopez - DJ Jeckyll
One Step Beyond Productions

The other day I noticed a blog posted by Michelle within the Wedding Vendors Community page within Facebook about growing your business by creating a preferred vendors list on our website.

The goal of the list is to provide an area for our clients to see other vendors that we trust which they can potentially use.

The list provides a benefits for us as the vendors we add to our list can potentially lead to future events as the hope is for these vendors to do the same by adding us to their list making it a win-win situation.

I have always used a small list as part of my email signature, but I rarely updated it nor could potential clients see it that I’ve never communicated with via email.

Reading the blog post inspired me and the next day I posted on the Wedding Vendors Community page that I was building my preferred vendors list and was open to adding vendors from the group in the Arizona area.  

Within minutes, I had an overwhelming number of replies from vendors asking to be on my list. It was really cool seeing everyone that wanted to partner with me, and I even saw conversations start up between vendors doing the same. 

I happily added the vendors to my new page, and also had some great phone conversations with two vendors: one which led to the beginning of a package deal that we are putting together and the other is a DJ in Arizona who shares a similar passion in music.  

We will be referring clients to each other when we are not available for their events.

Thanks to Michelle for opening up this great community and to all of the vendors who support each other. #vendorssupportingvendors

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