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Hi, I'm Michelle Braswell, the CEO and founder of Let's Book Clients.

After 20 years of serving clients one on one, in 2018 I started a company called BridePath as a way to help more brides/couples through online programs, than I was able to just working one on one with them at our venues.

Word got out about our successful venues and events businesses, and about the success we were having online with brides, and other wedding pros were asking me to help them do the same.

The Wedding Vendors Community (now renamed as Let's Book Clients: The Community, as it's now filled with all different kinds of entrepreneurs) was launched for the same reason, so I could help more wedding pros and other creative entrepreneurs than I was able to help doing 1:1 consulting and coaching.

Helping wedding pros and other business owners online has grown so quickly that it's what we do full time now. We sold our venues to help other creative experts and start and grow their businesses so they can live an abundant creative life with revenue on repeat.

I'm here for you.

For 20+ years I (along side my husband Joe) have worked as an entrepreneur, as a wedding and events designer, investor, and a business consultant, and loved every minute of it. I have discovered that my zone of genius is combining creativity with marketing and business strategies. 

You probably already know your zone of genius, you just need time-saving resources and strategies to help you reach your goals and predictable revenue, fast.

Our membership and other programs are designed to help you save time while we build your business - together.

Let's get started so you too can get paid well to do what you love!

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