By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Your social media set up in a way that makes everyone want to choose you for their wedding

    Instead of you chasing after them trying to prove that you're the one they can trust.
  • Created a Resource Page

    That shows your audience that you're well connected and experienced. (This is also our secret method of getting you on Preferred Vendor Lists!)
  • Gotten on those elusive and sought after Preferred Vendor Lists

    Learn from an actual (very experienced) venue owner what it takes to get on, preferred vendor lists to fill your calendar the right way.
  • Found out how to nurture those preferred vendor lists

    You're on some preferred vendor lists, now what? 
  • The support you need to scale your business

    You'll get in a mindset that attracts clients and other vendors in a way that makes you confident and irresistible.

Before I tell you all about the Let's Book Weddings program, I want to give you some encouragement.

You're a dreamer with no shortage of ambition who's tired of chasing cold leads and ready to grow your business to allow you to make more money, and work with your ideal clients at weddings with a dream team of vendors.

I'm here to help you get there. Let's do this!


You want to be on preferred vendor lists!

I want it to be easy for you.

What a great team we are already, and we're just getting started!

Whether you’re…

- A new wedding pro who wants to build a business the smart way instead of worrying about where to start.

Can you imagine not having to do those first years of scrambling like the rest of us did?

- A seasoned pro who’s reached a ceiling and you know scaling your business by creating real connections with other vendors is the way to serve more couples, create a higher income, and ultimately more have the freedom to work with who you want, where you want.

You know that getting on preferred vendor lists is the only way to give your business that fuel it needs to get to the next level.

AND that not being on the right ones, or knowing what to do next with the ones you do have, is the one thing holding you back.

- Done with chasing cold leads, posting in wedding Facebook groups with 20 others who are the same type of wedding vendor as you, leaving couples even more confused about who to book with?

What if you just had a few other vendors who were constantly referring the couples who already trust them, telling them to book with YOU?

That's what you'll learn here in the Let's Book Weddings course.

I'm not talking about pay to play, I'm talking the good, ethical way, where everyone gets paid their normal rate, everyone wins, and everyone gets to work with the same dream team of vendors every weekend.

A dream team that just want the whole team to win, on your COUPLE'S behalf, so they can have their best day ever (and your wedding business becomes so much more fun!)!

You’re in the right place and I'm so proud of you already!

The Let’s Book Weddings online course will give you the tools, inspiration, encouragement, and support on your journey to creating a business that makes you ecstatic every day!

Preferred Vendor Lists are THE way to get you there.

I can't wait to experience your amazing results with you!

Let's make something that's easy for me, easy for you too!

Let's Book Weddings!

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What our awesome wedding pro friends are saying:

I highly recommend that if you are a Wedding Vendor or Professional that you join the Program and get your business off the ground or build up your business to a new level.

Timothy Bell
Timothy Bell Media Productions


I met Michelle through a Facebook page and let me tell you she's the sweetest person and she has a lot to share about wedding businesses. If you are looking to get pro tips or growing your business Michelle is the person to go to. I can't thank her enough.

Nabia Mohiuddin

Within minutes, I had an overwhelming number of replies from vendors asking to be on my list. It was really cool seeing everyone that wanted to partner with me. We refer clients to each other when we are not available for their events.

Pete Lopez - DJ Jeckyll
One Step Beyond Productions

What’s Inside the Let's Book Weddings Course!


Module 1


This is where you get your warm welcome into the program, your blueprint for booking more weddings, and a super fun activity for encouraging each other!

You'll start transforming into feeling like you're unsure of what to do next, to feeling confident and ready to get your business to the next level.

Module Highlights:

  • Your referrals roadmap
  • Encouragement from a friend - you've got this!
  • Preferred vendor lists
Module 2

Set yourself up for success

We have some really cool mindset shifts for you in Module 2.

You'll learn how to set up your pricing, and how to know when you can do price increases for more profitability, while still serving your couples well.

Module Highlights:

  • Wedding vendors love to serve
  • Pricing & profitability
  • Make an impact
  • Working toward freedom
Module 3

Turn leads into clients on social media

In this module we're focusing on those tweaks that make your social media go from feeling like no one can see you, to being well connected.

You can, and you will, attract your clients and fellow vendors when your social media presence is strong.

Even if you feel confident in it already, you're going to have some lightbulb moments that make it even better.

We'll do some interactive audit "hotseats" and learn from each other's social medias too!

Module Highlights:

  • Your strong presence
  • Interacting in Facebook Groups
  • Using Instagram effectively
  • Leveraging Clubhouse to grow your other social medias
Module 4

Make your preferred vendor list

Did you attend the 3 Secrets to Booking Weddings masterclass?

If you did, you probably have your 3 dream clients listed. Either way, we're working through that process and take it further here.

In this module you'll find out the power of having your own resources page, and guess what? We'll also improve your SEO on your website together here!

Module Highlights:

  • The value of reciprocation & resources
  • Who do you want to connect with?
  • Connecting with venues
Module 5

Getting on those elusive preferred vendor lists

You're going to be blown away at how ridiculously easy I'll make this for you.

I've learned that this is one of the biggest road blocks for wedding pros like you, and how much it blows up the growth of your business when you know how to get on them.

It's also other benefits like getting to work with vendors who become your friends, and how you make things easy for each other with every wedding.

Module Highlights:

  • The art of the ask
  • Collaborate to connect
  • The benefit of YOU
Module 6

Nurturing both lists

There's more to preferred vendor lists than just getting on them.

It's STAYING on them, and being at the top of who they refer to, over and over and over.

This is where you take your preferred vendor lists to the next level, and in turn, grow your business exponentially.

Module Highlights:

  • What to do and what not to do
  • How to reinforce the relationship without being pushy
  • Incentives and how to use them genuinely

The cycle

You did it! You've made a massive impact on your business and your life. I'm so proud of you!

We're not leaving you "high and dry", let's do this, and let's celebrate you!

You're making a massive impact for your family and the world around you.

Module Highlights:

  • Never stop growing
  • Conclusion party

When you enroll during this special time period

you’ll get:

The Let's Book Weddings! Course
(A $1297 Value)


  • 7 Modules

    You'll learn and implement ways to book more weddings with your ideal couples than you ever dreamed possible.

  • Get on Preferred Vendor Lists

    When you learn how to get the best kind of referrals, you'll be done feeling like you're chasing cold leads and getting ghosted.
  • Think like a highly successful business owner

    You are one! Shift from feeling like you aren't sure what to do with your marketing, to having your business set up in a way that brings your perfect couples to YOU!
  • Get exposure for your business

    This roadmap to referrals will have you in front of clients in a professional and friendly way, that makes them want only you for their best way ever, AND excited to tell all of their friends to book with you too!

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Convert a Higher Percentage of Your Inquiries


Bonus 1

Convert Leads Into Bookings With Effective Emails

This bonus includes easy ways to get quality replies, instead of feeling ghosted over and over.

(A $47 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • The anatomy of an email that converts into bookings
  • Swipe file of a sample email that you can use for your inquiry responses. It really works!
  • Strategies to add to your current email process
Bonus 2

The Ultimate Guide to Word-of-Mouth Wedding Referrals

You'll find out what it takes to be the one who gets those valuable word of mouth referrals.

(A $47 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • How to leverage the influence of their support system
  • How to win them over through surprise and delight
  • How to get them excited to leave you raving reviews
Bonus 3

Private Facebook Group

A brand new private Facebook Group with a community of wedding pros like you who are committed to unleveling your business and your life.

Bonus 4

Live Q&As

I'll be live giving As to all of your burning Qs. Weekly, or more often as needed. 

This adds to the interactiveness of the course even more.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Let's Book Weddings Course - $1297 Value

  • Bonus 1- Effective Emails - $47 Value
  • Bonus 2 - Word of Mouth Referrals - $47 Value
  • Bonus 3 - Private Facebook Group - Priceless
  • Bonus 4 - Live Q&As - Priceless

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1391 + !

But when you enroll in the course today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Enroll in the Let's Book Weddings! Course Today

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Risk Free Guarantee

I believe in you. I know that if you follow this process you will get on Preferred Vendor Lists and get referrals, and learn to book more weddings.
You'll have the confidence to know that your business stands out from the rest, and you have what it takes to have your calendar filled with couples who you look forward to interacting with.
Show me that you've put in the effort within 14 days of enrolling, and if you're still not satisfied, we'll give you a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enroll in the Let's Book Weddings! Course Today

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Still thinking about it?

The Let's Book Weddings online course is PERFECT for you if you want to grow your business and get in front of your ideal clients who are ready to book.

  1. You're the wedding pro who is just getting started and wants to do it right.
  2. You're struggling and want to fix it once and for all.
  3. You're willing to put in a little time and effort to scale your wedding business to levels you didn't know were possible.
  4. You're ready to invest the time it takes to build a system that works, while we're still in the "off-season" and be ready to start this year's wedding season with a bang, years ahead of your competitors!
  5. You're afraid that you're going to have another year where you're struggling to get couples to book with you.
  6. You know that preferred vendor lists and referrals are the ultimate goal in the wedding industry.
  7. You're ready to take the actions needed to have it all!

I literally can't wait for you to join the Let's Book Weddings course!

I was put on this planet to serve. I hate selling. I love serving. I know I can't serve you to the fullest extent of what you need without offering you something next level.

I created this course when I learned from my coaching clients how difficult connecting with other vendors really is.

I've always been in a business where the vendors came to me, and I always made it easy for them to connect with each other, and with my couples.

I did this without realizing it, because I really have a passion for the success of my wedding pro friends, and for my couples best day ever.

I was born to be a matchmaker. I love connecting people. I love connecting brides with their perfect vendors. I love connecting vendors with their perfect brides. I love connecting you as wedding pros with each other.

I know the joy that comes from couples coming to you ready to book, instead of just price shopping.

I also know the joy of working every wedding with vendors who you love spending time with, and who help each other have their best event, over and over and over.

I want the same for you. The online space is such a gift for making connections, and I'm so grateful to have connected with you.

I can't wait to see where this ride takes you, and it is my true honor to be on this journey with you.

I invite you to spend the next 8 weeks with us, and can't wait to hear and share all of your success stories.

Here's to turning the wedding industry on it's head together, and to being the best unicorns it has ever seen!


Enroll in the Let's Book Weddings! Course Today

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