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emails that book weddings

You get inquiry after inquiry, but they don't book. Or even worse, they disappear never to be seen again... (ghosted much?).


You get very few inquiries, so you desperately want to close every one that crosses your keyboard.

Let's get to the root of what works when writing emails that are in response to those inquiries that come in. You can feel the excitement already can't you? Me too! I'm looking so forward to hearing how these work for you already!

How about how the email response begins?

Be conversational, use their name! Show them you care about them, their story, their engagement, their wedding, and what services you're providing for them on their best day ever.

Congratulate them and thank them for reaching out. Gratitude is everything.

Find something to compliment them on, any little thing, as long as its genuine. Every time I receive a compliment from someone who wants to do business with me, no matter how small, if it's genuine, I'm over here like "take my money"! I haven't met anyone who doesn't love the feeling of receiving a compliment.

Stay short, sweet, simple. It's a proven fact that emails with under 200 words are the most likely to get responded to.

If it's too long, it makes them have to use too much brain space and gives them the idea that's how it will be working with you and they don't have time for that.

Sometimes they even take it personal and get offended if an email is too long. I've heard brides say that it makes them think you don't respect their time.

Mention something that connects with them and makes them know working with you is their best possible option. You make it an easy process, you'll save them time. Think of things that benefit them over features of yourself. Address a pain point and show them you're the solution to eliminating it.

Ex. "I know you're super busy, so let's make this easy!" 

Let your website do the heavy lifting and let the email build the relationship. Direct them to the page of their website that will help them the most in your email.

It's a hot topic, but consider having pricing on your website. Even if it's only "services starting at $___.__. Imagine how much more excited you'll be when someone comes to you after they've been through that filter. They're one step closer to being ready to book! That's a warmer lead already!

Having pricing on your website doesn't mean that you can't have a conversation about the value you bring to them. It's not mutually exclusive. It's not as scary as it seems, and is so much more productive for your precious time.

Your email is the conversation, your website has the information.

Remember they're probably on their phone reading your email. Treat each sentence like a paragraph and leave space in between.

Make it easy to communicate further. End with an open question that triggers a response from them.

Realize that sometimes email is enough, that a meeting isn't necessarily required.

Make it clear what their next step should be, keep it at one "call to action". The more they have to think about, or do, too many things, the bigger risk of losing them.

Have a fun conversational sign-off to close, then add a PS. Many people skip all the way through and read the PS first. Make this a place where you express that you're there for them.

Match their style while keeping it professional. If their email feels like a text, answer that way, if it feels like a more formal letter, keep yours that way.

Double check for typos and grammar, then double check again!

They'll think if you have mistakes in your communications, you'll have mistakes the whole process and for their wedding. It makes you less trustworthy if there are mistakes.

Assume the sale, humbly. "Can I reserve a date for you?"

Always answer! Even if it looks like it won't work for some reason, like a date conflict. You never know what might work out. They might come back later, or they might be so impressed at the grace you showed them by answering and helping them even thought they couldn't book with you, that they'll refer you to their friends!

Always follow up! Your resources page makes great follow up content.

Do these things, and you'll find yourself serving your dream couples over and over.

HOT TIP: Also apply these same rules when working with other vendors to build those super important vendor relationships that will grow your business exponentially.

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