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Would you rather put your website, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Clubhouse, phone number, email, mom's landline, carrier pigeon, and home address on those big name cold lead lists for brides...


Have warm leads coming to you like a big hug (the socially distanced ones of course), over and over and over?

Want to know how?

If you've been here long, you know I'm a giant fan of preferred vendor lists, and I'm an expert at getting you on them, staying on them, and being the one your dream vendors refer to your dream clients to keep you calendar booked every weekend.

What else does it do?

When you become friends with that referring vendor, you get to pass business back and forth to a friend!

What else?

It becomes an awesome resource to your couples too. AND it even improves your SEO!

It's simply the best kind of referral.

Let's leave it at that for now, it does so much more than even that, but you don't have all day... we still have 2 more secrets to cover!

The next secret, is referrals from not just your couples, but also the couples that you spoke with who didn't work out to be a fit (whether it was because of date, different needs, etc), and even their loved ones!

When you relate to the ones they love as well as them, you create superfans out of your couples. You love who they love? Solidifies your relationship with them for life.

When you relate to the ones they love as well as them, you are reaching a future client, a future referrer, or even someone who will be your cheerleader when that couple is weighing the pro and cons of who they want to work with.

Let's say you have a space at a wedding show. The wedding show has 100 other vendors. A couple comes through and you're the 4th photographer they've seen today. They also brought a mom, sister, bridesmaids.

The couple was overwhelmed with planning before they even got there.

Their loved ones are their support and information gatherers for the day.

You speak to the couple, you also give mom, sister, and bridesmaids your attention.

Your competitor speaks to the couple, but ignores the rest of them because they're less important, because they're not the couple.

After the show, the group debriefs the wedding show and narrows down which photographer they loved.

Will their supporters help them vote for your competitor who didn't give them the time of day, or you, who made them also feel important?

Do those supporters also know a calendar full of other couples getting married? You know how those circles go, they're at a wedding every weekend. Or mom knows other moms with kids getting married.

Again, there are a million more reasons why to focus on this, but let's move on, we still have one more.

The last one, is writing an effective email. You know the email, the one that replies to those inquiries you get from those big name cold lead lists for brides that we talked about above? The one that you often get emails from, pour your heart and soul into, only to get ghosted?

It can be really confusing when you get ghosted a lot. It feels like you did something wrong, said something wrong, or even looking for leads in the wrong places. Either way, it definitely feels like a waste of time. 

Want a few tips on how to stand a better chance with these?

Be the first to answer, answer fast! 

Answer even if they don't feel like a fit in their initial inquiry. You never know if they might be more flexible than it seems, or even if they're someone you can send to someone on your preferred vendor list! OR go back to that referral scenario, they could love you so much that even though they can't book with you, they can suggest you to a friend.

Follow up. Does it feel like they're gone for good? Maybe they just got busy and dropped their planning for a minute.

Let's play that game we played before where we pretend you follow up with them but your competitor doesn't. Or flip the script, your competitor does and you don't!? Who are they going to book with? The one that makes it easy.

These are just 3 ways to ensure your calendar stays full year round.

You know these ways and what they are, now would you like to know how? 

Take your wedding business to the next level in the Let's Book Weddings online course.

Read more about it here. You, your wedding business, your family, and your future perfect couples will be so glad you did!

Hot tip time: Make a resources page for your website, and ask a few of your favorite vendors to be on it. We'll go deeper on this technique in the course. Spoiler alert, it's magic. ❤️

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