The Key to Copy that Sells

copy ideal client Sep 28, 2020
The key to copy that sells

The Key to Copy that Sells 
by Kelly DeCesare, freelance copywriter


Voices vying for your bride’s attention are everywhere! How will you engage, connect, and stand out when she has endless vendor options? Whom will she choose to help execute her perfect day? 


Answer: She will choose the one who holds her heart.   


And client-centered copy is the key to your bride’s heart.  


You’ve worked hard to build an awesome brand! It’s time to share and showcase what you have to offer. Your photos are stunning, your services are fine-tuned, your descriptions are thorough, and you’re ready to knock the socks off your audience. 


This is the time to focus and… 


Speak to ONE


It’s exhilarating to think of your message going out to the world of potential clients—all those eyes and ears on your brand, especially in the digital space! 


But don’t let the potential size of your audience distract you from that one bride in front of you in that one moment in time: perusing your webpage, or scrolling through your social media post, or leafing through your brochure, or scanning your newsletter… That’s an intimate thing, you know, those one-on-one moments? And it’s important to respect that moment you’ve earned and serve her well in that place. 


And what is it that she wants in that moment?


She wants to know that she matters, that you see her, that you value her, that she is not anonymous or another click rate metric. 


So how do you show that to her?   


You speak with her…just her. Client-centered copy speaks to ONE reader. Picture your ideal bride in your mind and address her personally. It’s hard for your bride to connect and engage if your copy is not personal. Instead of talking about “brides” in your copy, try using “you.” Think about it: you wouldn’t have an intimate conversation with a friend over lunch and address him/her in the third person or as a descriptive. So, bring your bride to “lunch.” Client-centered copy listens to your ideal client and responds to what she says in one-on-one, authentic conversation.  



That brings me to the next important aspect of client-centered copy:


Know Your Main Character


Even with an awesome brand and infectious enthusiasm, many businesses fall short in copy that actually connects with their potential client. The reason is because they make themselves the main character in their message instead of the client, who becomes, then, a secondary, supporting character. But it should be just the opposite. The whole point is to engage and connect with your ideal bride, so turn it around and make her and her story the main character. And this is where knowing and understanding your ideal client is crucial. 


Your bride becomes the main character when your copy responds to… 


How you see her uniquely in her interests, her goals, her dreams, her likes and dislikes--

How you understand her in her challenges, her fears, the things that hold her back-- 


And how you can serve and meet her in that place. 


Often, your bride’s challenges are not what you see on the surface, which is where most copy lives and falls short, but in matters of the heart. Show her you truly see her, beyond the obvious, by allowing her to see herself in your words. Hold a mirror up to her. If your copy can speak to what’s truly in your bride’s heart, FIRST, you can offer information and solutions that come from a place of authenticity, intimacy, and true service.  


Maybe you’re not sure if your bride is the main character in your copy. 


One way to find out is to compare how many times you say, “I” or “we,” with how many times your copy says, “you.” And replace that first person pronoun. You’re probably picturing your high school teacher reminding again and again not to use “you” in your writing (and I was that teacher!). With all due respect, throw that rule right out the window! (Now you know that feels good!) For example, a catering company might want to turn a statement such as: 


We provide excellent service. 


Are you looking for food that looks as savory as it tastes, service so quick you never have to look around for more water, or surprise when turning back from a side conversation to see your entrée has magically appeared after just finishing your salad? 


See how that works? You’ve put your bride and her expectations of style and professionalism as the main character, while still showcasing your excellent service.  


Another example might be an event planner wanting to connect with a bride who loves to travel and experience other cultures. Instead of copy that says:


We pride ourselves on style and artistry to whisk our brides to another world.

You can say…

Imagine you step into the heartbeat of another world and your senses suspend disbelief through theatrical lighting, enticing color, swirling music, and custom-styled tables and décor. 


Again, you’ve kept your bride as the main character while still maintaining your amazing brand.   


Strong copy, no matter what kind of messaging it is, begins by speaking to ONE main character-- YOUR IDEAL BRIDE. And when you speak to one, you’ll find, you speak to many. 


Honor her in that moment. Meet her right where she’s at. 


And hold her heart.


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